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Sunday, January 8, 2012

There's No Hope for Me

You wanna know who doesn’t have a life? This girl right here. This girl didn’t even watch the ball drop on New Year’s. Yeah, instead she spent it watching this show about kittens with her mom. Granted the kitties were about the most adorable things I think I’ve ever seen in this earth, but still. At home. With my mom. Watching cats on TV.
Now, I’ve never been one to be the social butterfly who always has something to do or people to see, but c’mon, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a tiny social life. Does it?
Gee, I don’t even know how to begin to have a social life. Maybe if I write out all the reasons why I’m social-lifeless , I’ll be able to see where I can make changes – plus, I really like to make lists.
Why I Don’t/Can’t Have a Social Life
1. I live in a very conservative community, in which “going out” is defined as going to a “down town” coffee shop (the reason why I put down town in quotation marks is because I live in a village with 3.5 traffic lights.). 
2. I’m very involved in my school. I have a very heavy academic load, and with that comes a crap-ton of homework. Also, I am in the drama at my school which takes up much of my time after school’s finished. Sure, my friends are in the musical, too, but I don’t consider going to rehearsal a social outing… maybe I should. ;)
3. I don’t have a car to take me places. Without a car, I can’t go anywhere. “Why don’t you get rides with your friends who do have vehicles?” you purport. Viewer, that’s a great idea! I don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before (*note* the sarcasm). Yeah, that’s an option, but when I ask my friends for rides 3 to 4 times a week, that becomes a little much in my mind.
4. I am currently unemployed. No job = no money. No money = no life. However, this week I am submitting applications into employing establishments in my town (which are within walking distance). So, hopefully that situation will be rectified quickly.
5. I’m not into the party scene. Last year a guy graduated from my school who was notorious for throwing raves. I was invited to a few, but, from all the stories I heard, I didn’t want to go. Based on the descriptions, the raves were basically a group of sweaty teenagers cramped in a cleared out garage jumping around with strobe lights and fog machines. Then there were other, more questionable stories, like unauthorized beverages being passed about and couples doing “things” (if ya know what I mean). So, I never went.

A list of five. Five reasons why I’m stuck living forever in my mother’s house watching cats on TV. Help me?

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