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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Model UN is not for the Weak

So, Viewer, I’ve just recently returned from a weekend-long Model UN conference. In case you aren’t aware, A Model UN conference is basically a gathering of smart students who share interest in politics and other countries pretending to be ambassadors of various countries and solve all the world’s problems. Enticing, no? :) Welp, this one was held at Earlham College in Indiana, and it was my third MUN.
I was representing the delegation of Japan in the Human Rights Council. We discussed issues like the refugee crisis in Western Sahara, Roma minority rights in Europe, the struggle for power in Myanmar. Earlier this school year I represented Italy in a MUN conference in Dayton and won third place in my council. That was very fun and exciting and I couldn’t wait to go to Earlham…
Little did I know that this MUN would be about actually doing, you know, stuff. Previously I could get by with my charm, wit, and great hair (totes being sarcastic here :D), but then, at this one, I actually had to know what country I was delegating (…okay, so that’s a bit of a stretch, but, do you get my point, Viewer? The other participants there were extremely knowledgeable not only in their country but also in everyone else’s.)
However, I did learn a few things (oh boy, another list!)
1. Never trust a guy who introduces himself as “Tom.”
2. You can gain a lot of leeway in sessions if you choose to dress rather provocatively.
3. France is very easily offended, Portugal wants to be your friend, and the UK is crazy.
4. The cafeteria microwaves are by the bagels.
5. When people invite you to a party, they don’t actually have a plan to get a party started.
6. Even if your bus is late, you are not excused.
7. Sneaking out is not always a good idea. Especially if you’re a generally unwise person.
Even though I just listed a butt-load of reasons why MUN isn’t great, I still had an AWE-SOME time. I would go and do that again – in a heartbeat. Model UN, though not for the weak, is definitely for the spirited. If you like to be bossy, manipulative, loud, strong, and a leader, Model UN is for you. Though, politics is not, and I repeat, NOT, in my future, I like MUN because I can release my inner diplomat.
MUN’s fun. You should try it. :)


  1. That sounds really interesting! I wish I had done stuff like that when I was in school. (this is plathaddict16 from sparknotes, btw)

  2. Oh yeah, Model UN is a blast -- even if what I said up there didn't sound so "blast-like." If you ever have a chance to do something similar -- def. that that opportunity! :)

  3. I will! I love getting the chance to debate things!(especially with non-trolls lol!)